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We have a dream that one day medical professionals in America will provide the world’s best care to anyone; regardless of race, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic or immigration status.

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Dirty Surgeons, InfraRed Clothes Relieve Pain, HPV Infects Annually

If you are in an organization that works with nutrition, we'd love to interview you for a special edition. Reach out to editor@makehealthprimary.com! 


What's A McHospital? | Virtual Reality Doctors | Flirty Patients

If you are in an organization that works with the homeless or the sexually assaulted, we'd love to interview you for a special edition. Reach out to editor@makehealthprimary.com! 


DEA Exposes Pharmaceutical Industry, 600K Find Out Mortality, Solar Truck Helps Inner-City

As we reflect on the importance of primary care in October, One of America's biggest wars is preventing the abuse of opioids. Every 19 minutes, a child is born addicted to opioids as medical professionals fight with Congress and the drug industry pumping addi…


Uber Helps Addicts. Hospitals Face Debt. 1M Health Workers Risk Unemployment.

The U.S. Health Bill has caused Americans great pain and relief in these last few years.  Medical professionals have found ways to work around and inside Obamacare to please citizens.  The demand for education in nursing is at an all time high, as more nurses…


Missing Paid Family Leave. How Online Therapy Helps. Link Between Blood & Depression.

Happy Black Women's Equal Pay Day!  As in many work environments, women aren't paid as well as their male co-workers in many industries. Along with a large pay gap, in general, women experience bullying in the workplace and subsequently depression. In the U.S…


SPECIAL EDITION: I'm An American & My Parents Are From Syria!

Letter From The Editor:Living in America has become a place where feeling shame is an afterthought in regards to U.S. immigration policies. Riots and public unrest across the country has sparked a debate on not just our country's value system, but has placed …


USA Missing $12 Billion. Vice Pres Spreads AIDS. Patel Predicts Future.

If you have worked or volunteered for Planned Parenthood, we'd love to interview for a special edition. Email us: editor@makehealthprimary.com!


#TEAMGARCETTI TODAY: Healthcare Is Changing In Los Angeles! 😎

In this special edition of #MakeHealthPrimary Digest, we focus on today's local re-election of Mayor Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles. Our patron, Dress A Med, has been a part of the city for over 30 years and the Mayor's positive changes to the working class are…