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DEA Exposes Pharmaceutical Industry, 600K Find Out Mortality, Solar Truck Helps Inner-City


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October 28 · Issue #6 · View online

We have a dream that one day medical professionals in America will provide the world’s best care to anyone; regardless of race, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic or immigration status.

As we reflect on the importance of primary care in October, One of America’s biggest wars is preventing the abuse of opioids. Every 19 minutes, a child is born addicted to opioids as medical professionals fight with Congress and the drug industry pumping addictive, untested narcotics into the country (source).
In this month’s newsletter, We want to raise attention to the heroin baby versus the crack baby epidemic. Currently, Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), aka babies experiencing heroin withdrawals is sweeping the nation. We have seen this before and during the early 90s crack era but now at a faster rate. The opioid crisis is killing more babies with the disease as it spreads through affluent communities. So we ask, why is the term “heroin baby” too harsh for society and why aren’t we seeing it on the nightly news? Let’s dig deeper in my full Editor’s Letter.
If you have worked or volunteered in the NICU, we’d love to interview for a special edition. Email me:!
– Fallon Davis 

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