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Dirty Surgeons, InfraRed Clothes Relieve Pain, HPV Infects Annually


#MakeHealthPrimary Journal

December 8 · Issue #8 · View online

We have a dream that one day medical professionals in America will provide the world’s best care to anyone; regardless of race, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic or immigration status.

If you are in an organization that works with nutrition, we’d love to interview you for a special edition. Reach out to! 

Columbia Med School Alumni Aims To End Student Debt With 250 Million Donation
CVS & Aetna Merger Could Change The Healthcare Industry
Author Reveals Surgeons Filthy Past in The Workplace
#MakeHealthPrimary journal is sponsored by
#MakeHealthPrimary journal is sponsored by
Popular ObamaCare Plan Rises Again
Heroin Deaths Has Quadrupled After Doctors Refuse Narcotic Prescriptions
Why Half The Adult Population Carries At Least One HPV
Smart Shirts, Goggles & Hearing Aids Using Infra-Red Technology
Tips and Tricks For Med School From #LifeofaMedStudent Doctor
College Students Record The Lives Of Alzheimers Patients Before Its Too Late
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